Road Trip!


We left Salt Lake on Tuesday with Kaylin.  Milt and I were talking about our trip to San Diego and Kaylin overheard us and has not stopped talking about wanting to go back to San Diego.  Kaylin’s parents asked if we would take her with us.  Well, you didn’t have to ask us twice.  Kaylin is so much fun to be around.  She has a constant smile on her face.


We traveled to Las Vegas the first night.  This picture is of the sun setting over the mountains.


We reached Vegas just as it was getting dark.  The lights of the strip were just beginning to turn on.  If you look carefully at the bottom left of the picture you can see a truck that looks like a “ghost truck” because of the slower shutter speed.  It is fun to experiment with the camera and get different results.


This picture was taken outside of Vegas the next morning.  It is really fun to take pictures when the car is moving so fast and you have to try to keep the picture in focus.  I love the landscape when the Joshua trees are in view.


This is my favorite bridge when we come to California.  I always want to take a picture of it and I have named it “Pam’s bridge.”  How lucky I am to have a bridge named after me! LOL!


When our kids were little and we would bring them to San Diego we would have a contest to see who would be the first one to see the ocean.  The kids loved that game.  Here is our first view of the ocean.  It has been unusually cold, overcast and foggy here in San Diego the last two days.  During the winter the dolphins are more active than usual.  We have seen lots of dolphins from our window.  I love watching and listening to the ocean.  It is such a peaceful sound.


This dolphin is “blowing water” from its blow hole.  I have seen whales doing this but I haven’t seen dolphins do it very much.  It was fun to get this photo.  You have to anticipate when the dolphins will surface so it is very much “a hit or miss process” when you are taking pictures of them.


I really like this picture of the pelicans skimming across the top of the water and you can also see a dolphin fin in the background.  The pelicans fly in groups and skim the surface of the ocean on fishing expeditions.


We took Kaylin swimming and she LOVED it!  She had so much fun and she did not want to get out of the water.  It was really cold but she didn’t get out for at least an hour or until Grandpa was a frozen popsicle.  If you notice, Milt is trying to teach her to float on her back and she is laughing so much that I have a lot of pictures with her mouth open.  I just had to laugh at her enthusiasm.  She is just like her mother in that sense.  Nichelle was a natural swimmer as a child and I think it was her favorite thing to do in her childhood.


Kaylin is laughing again in this picture.  She had so much fun.  When we got back to the condo she kept saying, “Best day ever!” just like Rapunzel from the movie, “Tangled.”  Now, how cute is that!


Kaylin did really well at swimming.  Milt taught her how to “dog paddle” with her arms and kick with her legs. She could “dog paddle” across the entire pool.  She got really brave and learned how to jump into the pool.  Our biggest obstacle was getting her to keep her mouth closed so she didn’t swallow the entire pool.  We have been thoroughly enjoying our time here with Kaylin.

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