Peaceful Sabbath!

Today we went to church with Kaylin.  It was chilly this morning but a high of 74 was predicted.  We wore our jackets to church but when we came out it had warmed up to a delightful 74 degrees.  It was beautiful with no clouds or fog.  We just relaxed at the condo and watched the surfers and beach goers.  It was nice to have a day where we didn’t have to do anything!


These 2 pictures show Milt and Kaylin.  Kaylin was excellent at church.  She loves going to church and learning about Jesus.


Last evening, just about dusk, we drove to the San Diego Temple because the gates are always closed on Sunday.  There were about 3 wedding couples outside getting pictures.  Kaylin was so adorable!  She exclaimed, “Grandma I saw them kiss on the lips!”  She knows that when you get married that “kissing on the lips is OKAY!”  Her parents taught her that one, not me. LOL!


There was a beautiful white nativity in the foregrounds of the temple.  I couldn’t get a straight on shot because people were standing right in front of the statues.  So a side view photo will have to do.


Last night and tonight we finally had a sunset.  It has been so overcast that we haven’t been able to see the magnificent sunsets that we are so used to viewing here in San Diego.


It was a beautiful sunset of orange, pink, red and blue hues.  It was a perfect end to restful Sabbath Day.

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