The Making of a Fairy!

  On the 15th of this month, Kaylin was able to have her magical fairy experience.  She was the youngest girl in fairy land that day but she was so attentive, patient, and thrilled to be there.  First, she got her fingernails and toenails painted and then a top coat of fairy glitter was applied. […]

Rub It In!

  I got an text from my hubby on Saturday with the following words, “How is this?” and the picture of this stately bald eagle was included.  Milt just had to rub it in that he was not in the dreaded inversion that we had all week.  He just had to rub it in that […]

Bird Refuge!

  These are a few photos I took today at the bird refuge.  There wasn’t much action as far as bald eagles but I am pretty pleased with my hawk and blue heron photos.     The Blue Heron by Erwin Schlam She was home from school all day, She was not feeling that well. […]