It’s For the Birds!

One of my favorite things to do in the winter is to go to Farmington Bay and take pictures of the birds.  I really have gone more than I ever have in the years past and I think it has really paid off.  I’ve gotten some amazing photos that I would like to share.  Kaylin has gone with me and she has gained a love for the birds and is a good spotter.


Bald Eagle on the shoreline


The American Kestrel


Bald eagle leaving his carp dinner behind.  I think all the photographers got too close and scared him off.


I love how this eagle is splashing the water as he starts his take-off.  The next 6 pictures of this immature bald eagle have an interesting story.  When the water isn’t frozen, it is rare to find eagles in the water or even on the water side.  It wasn’t a good photography day and Kaylin said, “Grandma there is an eagle.”  I reassured her that it was just a seagull.  I decided to take a picture of about 10 eagles that were quite a distant off in the field, so that the day wouldn’t be a complete “bust.”  I noticed that this man was approaching me from quite a distance and he was pointing his camera right at our car.  Kaylin said, “Grandma, is he coming to our car?”  I told her that I didn’t really know.  The photographer continued to creep closer and closer to us.  I looked out the rear view mirror and noticed that a car had stopped behind us and the man had his window down and  was supporting his camera on it and the camera was aimed towards us.  I looked over my right shoulder towards Kaylin’s side of the car and right in my blind spot about 10 feet from us was this beautiful juvenile bald eagle perched on this road sign.


I took these pictures from the front seat of the car on the drivers side and was taking pictures out of Kaylin’s window which was rolled down.


It takes 5 years before a juvenile eagle gets his complete head of white feathers.


I love how you can tell that the wind was blowing and the eagles feathers are “blowing in the wind” and really messing up “his hairdo.” LOL!


He finally got tired of sitting on the sign but he was there for a good 7 to 10 minutes.


By the time that the eagle flew off there were about 10 photographers that had crept up on the eagle for that elusive, perfect photograph.


So, a big thank you to Kaylin for being such a good eagle spotter.  I guess next time I had better not say, “Oh, it is just a seagull.”


A blue heron arriving with a new branch for the nest.


A western meadowlark.  I have only seen one of these in 6 years of going to Farmington Bay.


These eagles are perching on the trees of a newly constructed house.  It was snowing that day and that is what the white spots are on the eagles.

I’m sad to say that the bird refuge is closed from March 1st until September 15th.  If you want to walk in a couple of miles with all of your camera gear you can but I guess I will see the birds in the fall.  Happy Nesting my friends!

2 thoughts on “It’s For the Birds!

  1. Amazing pictures Pam!! Good thing you have such a good helper (Kaylin). I enjoy your photos and am starting to watch for birds, especially hawks when I drive back and forth to Kansas. Love, Pennie

  2. Pennie, thank you! There are so many hawks on the drive from Oklahoma to Kansas. I remember I even got a picture of one bald eagle. I hope everything is good with you and Eric. I miss you.Love you, Pam

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