The last few weeks have been very difficult for our family.  Beyond the normal stress of life we have two more challenges.  My father has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  We are all so saddened by the news.  He has been in the hospital these past five days because he is dehydrated, has no […]

Happy Birthday Mom!

  I would like to wish my Mom a very happy birthday.  Mom has been such a outstanding example to me my entire life.  I love this picture of my mother from her youth.  She looks like a model. I like a talk by President Thomas S. Monson called “Showing the Love in Your Heart.”  […]

April Fools on April 3, 2011!

  I think this picture of Kyle looking out the window at the snow is priceless.  She sat on the ottoman for about ten minutes.  I could hear her mind churning out thoughts.  I’m sure she can’t believe her eyes.  On Saturday, the day before, it was 70 degrees in Salt Lake City.  On Sunday, […]

Brittany’s Wedding Shower

  On March 5th, Elvee Millo and I gave Brittany a wedding shower held at the beautiful Cucina Nassi.   The building was once the old post office, then a furniture store, and now a reception center owned by the Millo’s.  They are so generous.  They even had our ward birthday party at this beautiful location. […]