April Fools on April 3, 2011!


I think this picture of Kyle looking out the window at the snow is priceless.  She sat on the ottoman for about ten minutes.  I could hear her mind churning out thoughts.  I’m sure she can’t believe her eyes.  On Saturday, the day before, it was 70 degrees in Salt Lake City.  On Sunday, yes the very next day, it snowed, and it snowed a lot!  Why is Mother Nature playing this trick on us???






The snow continued almost the entire day.  It was a very heavy, wet snow that had the trees laden with their burden.  Many tree branches broke because of the weight.

Note to Kyle:  I completely understand how you feel.  How could Mother Nature play such a trick on all of us here in Utah?  It is April 3rd, after all.  Well, the weather is always interesting here in Utah, especially in the spring.  Kyle keep looking out the window because life is unpredictable.

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