In My Yard!

  I love this time of year.  Flowers and nature just make me happy.  It has been a really rainy spring and somewhat rainy summer which is very unusual for Utah.  However, the pond is starting to come alive.  I can sit by the pond for hours listening to the comforting sound of the water […]

Alec will 2 years old on July 5th!

  We celebrated Alec’s 2nd birthday on June 25th due to Patrick’s work schedule.  Note:  It is always important to have Dad at his son’s 2nd birthday party.  LOL! It was at a local park on one of the first warm, sunny days of the year.  Alec loves his barnyard animals and that was the […]

More Jade Birthday Pictures!

  On 3, blow out all the candles! Yay! she did it on the first try! That present bag is almost as tall as Jade. She had to show each and every present to her grandpa to get his approval. Mommy and Jade are opening this present. Andrea, Kaylin, Jade, and Ty are really intent […]