The 4th of July Honoring America!

I must say that I was born a patriot!  I love God and Country.  We are so blessed to live in America and enjoy the many freedoms that many of us take for granted.  I am most thankful for those who have served and even died so that we may continue to enjoy those freedoms daily.  When I see the American flag waving, hear the national anthem, see a marching band, someone in a uniform, etc……..

I could go on and on but it makes my heart swell with gratitude and thankfulness for the many blessings we have as Americans.  We spent the weekend celebrating with family and friends.


Patrick and Alec.

This was Alec’s first experience with sparklers.  I think it was a hit!


This is a picture of a firework that Craig set off at his parent’s house.  I then digitally added artwork and text.  We had homemade ice cream and our own fireworks show by Craig and Tracy.

Craig made homemade strawberry ice cream and I made the grape sherbet recipe from the Ball family reunion.

On July 4th, Craig invited Milt and me to the REAL soccer game with fireworks following the game.  Cute Kaylin was there and I had fun taking pictures of her and the game.


A yummy shave ice….it looks good enough to eat!  However, I didn’t get a taste.


Grandpa, Kaylin, and Craig are listening to the band during the half time break.  The drums were really loud as we were about 10 feet away from us.


Kaylin got this cute cowboy hat from a July 4th parade in their neighborhood earlier in the day.


This is what the stadium looked like as the crew was setting up for the fireworks presentation.



Happy 235th Birthday America!  I hope you had a wonderful July 4th celebration.

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