In My Yard!


I love this time of year.  Flowers and nature just make me happy.  It has been a really rainy spring and somewhat rainy summer which is very unusual for Utah.  However, the pond is starting to come alive.  I can sit by the pond for hours listening to the comforting sound of the water and enjoy watching the dogs, fish, bees, birds, dragonflies, butterflies and beautiful flowers.


This is a stunning purple water iris that blooms early in the pond cycle.


This lily bud has bees that love to get nectar from it.  You can see 3 honeybees in the photo and one lone 4 leaf clover.


I love the rich colors of this rose.  The yellow and oranges remind me of an orange cream popsicle which is a favorite summertime treat.


This was a very sunny and hot afternoon, the first 101 degree day of the year.  Jade went to church with me on Sunday and she looked so cute in her Sunday best.  Right after I took this picture her foot slipped into the pond and she got a little bath. LOL!



We love to feed the fish together.


Jade is rubbing her hands together so that the fish food will trickle down to the Koi.


Isn’t Jade adorable?  She is so petite and so photogenic.  Love that little princess!


We have about 16 to 20 Koi, some are over 24inches long.  The pond looks so beautiful in the summertime and is a peaceful retreat for the soul.


I love this dark pink lily that fades to light pink on the petals.


This beautiful pure white lily is surrounded by real 4 leaf clovers.


David, our Min-Pin is now 11 years old. Her muzzle and feet are getting a lot of gray hairs.  She weighs a little over 8 pounds and hasn’t slowed down one bit.  Her favorite activity is to eat the Koi food before the fish.


David nor the Koi seem to mind each other.  David will go deeper and deeper in the water so she can reach the floating fish food.  Oh, yes, David is a girl incase you were wondering about my grammar.  Do you see her faded pink collar?


Oh, its is summertime and the living is easy.  I like the ring of that phrase.  What are your feelings about the summer?

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