(1) : pleasing to the taste (2) : being or inducing the one of the four basic taste sensations that is typically induced by disaccharides and is mediated especially by receptors in taste buds at the front of the tongue This picture of Jade fulfills both definitions of the word sweet.  She is holding […]

A Gal of Many Talents!

Who knew that Donna, the owner of Heartland Paper and Just Bee Scrap’n also rides a Harley Davidson motorcycle?  She will ride her Harley, or her husbands’ from Brigham City to Bountiful on Saturdays.  I thought it was so fun that I had to stop into the store yesterday so I could take pictures of […]

Zoo Fun

Nichole got a family zoo pass this year.  The kids love the zoo.  They have late night, member only zoo nights.  It is much cooler and only zoo members can attend.  Nichole invited me and  Kaylin to attend in June.  We had a relaxing and fun time. The zoo is featuring animated dinosaurs.  This dino […]

Lessons from a Dragonfly!

  (FYI: A dragonfly can spend up to several years underwater until it is strong enough to surface, shed its skin and evolve into this beautiful creature. Then it flies free among us but only for a very brief period of up to 2 months before it dies.) I have been going to the bird […]

Tour of Utah 2011, Stage 4

On Saturday, the Tour of Utah took over 11th Avenue.  The road was completely blocked off and there was no access for cars that were not involved with the race. I decided to leave the area which was much to Milt’s dismay.  He had a prearranged schedule for Saturday and was unable to be in […]

Rainbow and Heartland!

  This picture is a rainbow that I captured from our front porch a couple of weeks ago.  If there is a rainstorm, I am always looking for that rainbow to follow.  I must say that rainbows are one of the most beautiful things in our wonderful world. My favorite childhood movie was, “The Wizard […]

A Real Fairy!

These are a few photos that the amazing Robin Johnson of Robin Johnson Photography took from Kaylin’s magical fairy session earlier in the year.  They turned out beautifully.  It was such a fun experience and Kaylin really felt the magic of the day. If you want a magical experience for a very special little girl […]