He Loves Horses and A Daredevil!


Alec LOVES horses!  When we were in Kansas a few months ago, we went to my sister Pat’s home.  They have a barn on their property and they board some goats and horses.  Alec was so thrilled to see the horses and pet them.  He is not afraid of them. 

Recently, Alec had a close encounter with some horses.  Alec was visiting some friends and the back gate was inadvertently left open.  He went across the street and climbed through the fence and ran into the horses’ pen.  Luckily the trainer was in the yard and was able to keep Alec safe.  It was a very scary moment but we are so grateful that everything turned out well.

On recent trip to Yellowstone we couldn’t pass a horse without Alec yelling, “ I want a neigh, neigh!”

It is so fun to see Alec learning all kinds of new words and discovering new things in the world.

Oh, to see things through the eyes of a child again.


Nichole and Alec are petting the horse and you can see my sister, Pat peering from underneath the horse’s neck.


I love how the sun is streaming in on the horse and making his coat look brilliantly golden.


Yes, if you look carefully, you may notice someone on the barn roof.  That is my sister’s son, Scott.

I remember him always loving to climb most anything as a young child.  Once Scott was hanging upside down from some tree limbs when he was about 4 years old.  When Scott was questioned about his precarious position he exclaimed, “You know I am part monkey!”


Well I guess he really is part monkey, acrobat, gymnast, agile, trapeze artist or even “crazy.”  You choose the description.


Here is another picture of Scott, AKA, daredevil, on the roof.

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