Where has the time gone?  I really cannot believe that it has been 27 years since the twins were born.

twin's birth Aug 6 1984 text

Aren’t they the cutest babies you have ever seen?  Okay, I’m a little biased but they have been one of our greatest blessings.


Here is a Backer’s cake made with one chocolate layer, one vanilla layer, white frosting with raspberry filling and chocolate frosting.  We have been enjoying Backer’s cakes for more than 27 years.  They have the best frosting ever!  They are very pricey but we still have to splurge for very special occasions.



Craig and Kaylin planned the cutest party for Shell, Shell, and Co-co, or Nichelle and Nichole.  Look at the cute cupcakes they made.



Jade and Kaylin are helping the birthday girls with the blowing out of the candles.  Don’t you love the party hats and birthday beads?  Kaylin was so excited all week planning the perfect birthday party.


They misspelled Nichole’s name so they made the repair with extra chocolate frosting. Yum!


The box fell over so Nichelle’s cake got a little squished but I’m sure that won’t affect the taste.  Still delicious!


These are the birthday cards I designed for the girls’ birthday.  Nichelle figured out that I got a 3rd birthday cake that said #27.  Then Nichole asked if it was because I knew that we wouldn’t get any of their cakes.  I assured her that she was correct!  LOL!


The inside of the card.


Alec is enjoying one of his mommy’s cupcakes.  I also got a Backer’s cupcake for each of the children at the party.  I think the kids were in cupcake heaven.

Craig made barbequed ribs with homemade barbeque sauce.  He also grilled corn on cob, which was such a tasty treat.  We love summertime when we can have fresh corn cobs.  Peggy made twice baked potatoes.  I made pasta salad, one of our family favorites.  I brought cornbread with added cream of corn, bacon, and cheese and cherry slush.  The food was delicious and the company was even better.


Alec really has no fear.  He climbed to the top of the jungle gym as fast as a rabbit.



It was so nice that Andrea and Jade could come.  Andrea certainly got her exercise by assisting the kids with the teeter totter for over a half an hour.

It was a wonderful birthday celebration for 2 very special girls.  We love you so much, Nichole and Nichelle!

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