Tour of Utah 2011, Stage 4

On Saturday, the Tour of Utah took over 11th Avenue.  The road was completely blocked off and there was no access for cars that were not involved with the race.

I decided to leave the area which was much to Milt’s dismay.  He had a prearranged schedule for Saturday and was unable to be in the thick of things.  Milt loves bike racing.  We have been fortunate enough to see The Tour de France several times.

Milt is an excellent cycler and really enjoys watching the races.  He used to do triathlon’s and swimming and biking were his forte. So, he was really disappointed to miss the event.  I took a few pictures from my vantage point before I left to run errands.


This is the bike route for Stage 4 which was a loop that the racers would tackle 7 times.  It went right in front of our house.  Traffic was a nightmare.  It was really hard to navigate towards the north end of the valley.  3 of the images that I have used are from the Tour of Utah website.


View from 11th Avenue a few hours before the beginning of the race.


View of the festivities from “A” Street.


Another picture taken from “A” Street.


Sanofi team set-up staged around the capitol building.


Radio Shack team vehicles.



There were tents set up for all of the Tour of Utah participants.


This was the view from the side streets of the capitol.


This picture was taken through the windshield of my car.  It was slow going towards Bountiful.


photo from Tour of Utah website

Every year the tour plans different routes throughout the city  Perhaps another year we will get to experience the tour up close again.


photo from Tour of Utah website

Levi Leipheimer (RadioShack) claims overall victory for The Tour of Utah.

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