Bird Refuge Before Opening Day of Duck Season

I went out to the bird refuge this week and it was very quiet and peaceful.  Below there is a picture of a mama grebe teaching her little ones how to catch fish.  The group swims back and forth and the mother even shares her own catch with her little ones.



The mama is giving her little one a fish and some plant life I might add.DSC_1426-(2)mama-grebe-gives-baby-a-fish

I love the bright orange eyes of the grebe.  The little tuft of feathers on top of the head looks like a mohawk to me.


The green frogs are hiding in duckweed and are really hard to spot.  They are very skittish and leap at the slightest noise.


Frog on gravel by water’s edge.


A frog on a log.


Jade and Kaylin are scouring the water’s edge in hope of finding the elusive green frog.


What a beautiful mallard male!


I love this picture of the mother duck and all of her little ones who are out on an adventure swimming in a line and waiting for instructions.


These 2 dogs are practicing retrieving the tennis ball so when duck season opens on Saturday they can retrieve the ducks for their owners.



The air boats are searching the rivers for the ideal spot when dawn breaks this Saturday, October 1.


The giant sunflowers line the property where the pumpkin patch will appear in a few short days.  I love how the sun is behind the petals making the flower somewhat transparent.


Birds on a wire.  I think these birds are common flickers which are part of the woodpecker family.

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