Boo at the Zoo!

  Today was Boo at the Zoo and yes it was a zoo!  It was so crowded with all the “kiddos” in their Halloween costumes. Many of the the parents also dressed in costumes. It was really fun to see the creativity.  We saw a family of “Incredibles” from the Disney movie and Dorothy, the […]

Blessings and 1 Step Back!

  “I walked probably 30 steps for the first time in over 2 1/2 years! Of course my leg that has paralysis needed help dragging my leg in order to take a step.” This quote was taken from our sweet daughter’s Facebook page.  Nichelle has been struggling for almost 3 years with paralysis that has […]

A Spooky House!

  Today we went to Kaylin’s church to see her sing in the Primary children Sacrament Meeting Presentation at her ward.  Jade was with me and when we passed Modern Display she saw the spooky figures on the grass.  She wanted to stop but I told her we needed to hurry so we could see […]

Put Me In The Zoo

  As a child, I remember reading this Dr. Seuss book.  I also read this book to my own children.  It has remained a classic childhood book for a very long time. Written with only 100 words, it’s a story about a leopard who wants to work/live in a zoo, but the zoo does not […]

Opening Day, Duck Season!

  What a contrast the hunters bring to the usually very calm and peaceful waterfowl management site.  I have never seen so many people or cars at one time.  You had to wait in a line to even get into the bird refuge. The hunters were very busy going about their “hunter business.”  It was […]

Everyday Joys!

  Yesterday, I was taking care of Jade.  She has been under the weather so we have been staying home so she can rest and not be out in this newly changed weather which is about 44 degrees. I was working on the computer and I hear, “Grandma, Grandma, look at the birds!”  Oh what […]