Put Me In The Zoo


As a child, I remember reading this Dr. Seuss book.  I also read this book to my own children.  It has remained a classic childhood book for a very long time.


Written with only 100 words, it’s a story about a leopard who wants to work/live in a zoo, but the zoo does not want him. He goes about convincing a little boy and a girl that with all the things he and his spots can do, zoo is where he belongs. Eventually, the children end up convincing the leopard that he will be a perfect fit in a circus considering all the special things he can do. In the end, he is one happy leopard.

Nichole and I took Kaylin, Alec, and baby Emmett to the zoo Wednesday evening.  We practically had the entire zoo to ourselves.  It was a beautiful fall evening.

I only have a few pictures because I am having issues with my camera lense.  The auto-focus mechanism isn’t working properly and only 1 in 10 photos are in focus.  Pretty frustrating!

So, I will share just a couple of pictures.


Kaylin has the cutest little face and beautiful naturally curly hair that cascades down her back to her waist.  She loves the zoo and makes me smile constantly.  She looks pretty cute hugging this carousel hippopotamus.


I love the elegance of a giraffe.  They walk slowly and very precisely.  They are so graceful and one of our favorite animals.


The tigers are massive.  You really can’t tell from this picture but they are really large and so muscular.  They only wanted to pace back and forth along the fence line.  There were 3 tigers which seemed to be playing the childhood game of follow the leader.


This is beautiful Nichole with sweet baby Emmett sleeping so peacefully.


This isn’t a great photo of our little group but it is the only one where Alec is somewhat in focus.  I wanted to document that he really came with us.

Now, I have to figure out a way to get my camera lense repaired.  It is my “go-to lense.”  It is a 18-200mm and my most versatile lense.  I have had it for about 7 years and have used it more than any other that I own.  I sent away another lens before and it took about 7 weeks to repair and it was well over a hundred dollars.  I sure hope I have a “camera fairy” visit me in the near future. LOL!

An update on my camera lense.  I took it in for repairs.  It will be about $200 for the repair and up to 2 months to get it back.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the turn around time is quicker than that.

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