A Spooky House!


Today we went to Kaylin’s church to see her sing in the Primary children Sacrament Meeting Presentation at her ward. 

Jade was with me and when we passed Modern Display she saw the spooky figures on the grass.  She wanted to stop but I told her we needed to hurry so we could see Kaylin sing.  I told her that at Kaylin’s house they had a spooky yard and house.  She was so excited to see it.


Here is an inflatable Frankenstein riding a motorcycle.


Craig and Nichelle are the pumpkin carvers extraordinaire.  Every year they do a fantastic job.  Here is a monster pumpkin with warts all over his head.


Craig and Kaylin have turned their yard into a graveyard with skeletons coming out of the ground.  Oh, so spooky!  Jade is intently checking out the hands coming up out of the ground.


This pumpkin carving is of a dragon with wings and a serpents’ tail.


I love that Jade is in the “spooky yard” looking up at Frankenstein with her lipstick in hand.  She goes every where with lipstick.  Kaylin and Jade are the “lipstick princesses.”


This is beautifully carved tiger face.


Jade has the cutest facial expressions.  She is such a joy to be around.


RIP 1809-1921, 112 years on earth, now that is a long life.


Here is a skull and cross bones pumpkin.


I love this spooky tree.  It reminds me of the trees in the enchanted forest from the Wizard of Oz.  All the trees in that forest come alive and walk and talk.


You have “gotta” love this girl!


It was a fun day at the spooky house.  What a beautiful fall Sunday we were able to enjoy.  Thank you Craig, Nichelle and Kaylin for your efforts in making a spooky house just right for Jade and me.

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