Peace on Earth!

  My dear friend, Julie Pacini invited me to fly out to Los Angeles to join her, Chelsea, Aaron, Shalene, Christopher, Met and the new baby at Disneyland.  She invited me Monday night and I flew out Tuesday evening, November 15th on a late flight to Long Beach.  We had a fabulous time going to […]


  Yesterday was the annual Primary Sacrament Meeting Presentation at church.  The theme this year was, “ I Know The Scriptures Are True.” I have been the Primary chorister for the past two years.  When our children were younger, I was the chorister for about 8 years.  It was my favorite calling in the church.  […]

Kids Steals

  Yesterday, I took Kaylin to Gardner Village for a delightful photo shoot for the Kids Steals Network.  Kaylin along with her new photo friend, Jane, modeled Jelly the Pug Holiday Dresses. The girls had a wonderful time together and the pictures turned out so cute.   Kaylin and Jane are featured on the Steal […]

Vocal Point!

  I have enjoyed the television show, The Sing-Off.  I am rooting for the a cappella singing group from BYU, called Vocal Point.  Below are a couple of videos from You Tube that highlight the incredible talent of this singing group.   Vocal Point, established in 1991, is Brigham Young University’s premiere contemporary […]

Boo TWO!

  There was an impromptu flash mob dance of zombies moving to Thriller by the late, Michael Jackson. Isn’t he a handsome rooster? I love this family dressed in their Incredibles costumes.  There is no way my hubby would wear that skin tight leotard, nor would I for that matter. LOL! Which is better, the […]