Yesterday was the annual Primary Sacrament Meeting Presentation at church.  The theme this year was, “ I Know The Scriptures Are True.”


I have been the Primary chorister for the past two years.  When our children were younger, I was the chorister for about 8 years.  It was my favorite calling in the church.  I love children and I love singing.

It is really one of the most time consuming callings in the church.  I spend hours preparing charts for the children to learn the songs faster.  Each month we focus on a new theme and new songs that the children need to learn.


This was the outline that we used this year for the program.  The children did such a wonderful job of watching me, singing the songs and learning their own speaking parts.

It is a lot of pressure for the Primary Presidency and the chorister to teach the children gospel principles in a fun and creative way so that they will remember these lessons throughout their lives.  The program takes 35 minutes to perform but an entire year to learn all of the scriptures and songs.


Last year we had 14 children sing in our Sacrament Meeting Presentation.  Three of the children were even visitors.  Right after the program last year our ward, or neighborhood church family was combined with the family congregation and now we have 61 very young children in our Primary.  We have about 7 children 9 years and older.  Almost all of our 11 year old children graduated from Primary this year and did not participate in the 2011 program. 

The children did a fantastic job this year.  I am so proud of them and the sweet spirits that they share with us as leaders.  I am really relieved that the program is over and very thankful for our very kind and talented Primary Presidency which consists of Brenda LeCheminant, Stacia Cummings, Clare Evans and Bobbie Peterson.  We also have 2 wonderful pianists, Alecia Wilson and Stephanie Romney. 


I would like to thank everyone who helped to make the program a great success.

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