Don’t Judge a Book, or Person, by their cover!


I am always rooting for the underdog, the downtrodden, those with low self-esteem.  Listen to the video below and decide if you really should judge people on the “outside” rather than the “inside.”




I also love this video about judging others.  In today’s society we really tend to glorify the “beautiful people,” so much so that if the person doesn’t appeal to us we will discount their worth.  What a sad statement about us as a society and I personally feel one that needs to be addressed.




It really sounds like I am on a soapbox, doesn’t it?  When my husband served a mission in Northern England, he told me about a ritual in some English townships.  People would really stand on a box and “spill out their thoughts,” and heart.  Please forgive me for my fervent opinion, however I strongly feel that we need to treat everyone as equals and find that inner beauty in each and every person.

Enough said!

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