Some Strange Woman Taking Pictures!

I am visiting my sister and it is springtime here.  Spring is definitely my favorite time of year.  I love all of the new life that is everywhere.  These are a few pictures I have been taking lately.  Pennie’s yard is in full bloom and I have been taking pictures to document my “own sunshine” that definitely makes me very happy.
This is a rose, an Oklahoma Red from Pennie and Eric’s yard.

Daisies have to be one of my favorite childhood flowers.  I always love pulling the petals off and of course saying, “He loves me, He loves me not!”  In my wedding bouquet I had lots of daisies and pink roses.
The next 2 pictures are some climbing clematis that are in Pennie’s backyard.

We went to the Tulsa Rose Garden on Saturday and everything was in full bloom.  It was really windy and on the eve of the tornado that hit some cities in Oklahoma.  Luckily, we were spared and are very grateful for that.  Our hearts and prayers definitely go out to those who lost their lives and their property.

These beautifully colored, light pink and white water lilies made for a spectacular sight.
Here is the beautiful lily pond.
This is the beautiful rose garden in full bloom.
I have fond memories of the stately iris from my Grandma Tyree’s garden.  I think their petals are so delicate and remind me of a lacey fabric.
This cute little cardinal was showing off for a future female companion.
This is Maxine sunning herself on a beautiful spring day.
Skiatook Regional Airport sign where some tornado damage was reported.
The tornado tore the roof off an airport hanger storage facility.
I love to take pictures, in case you haven’t already guessed that.  I was wandering around in Pennie’s neighborhood looking for “photography worthy images” to be taken by me. 
 Pennie got a phone call from a neighbor telling her that some strange woman was taking pictures in front of her house and then she even went into the backyard.  Pennie went looking outside thinking that someone had stolen Maxine, her beloved boxer. She told the neighbor that she couldn’t see anyone in her yard and that Maxine was in the house.  I asked Pennie what was going on and she told me the story.  I then proclaimed, “I’m that strange woman taking pictures.”  
Pennie had been so engrossed in her own projects that she didn’t realize that I had been gone for about 15 minutes, that Maxine had followed me, and that I was now back inside the house.  Pennie then told me that she didn’t even know that Maxine and I had been gone.  She even said, that she didn’t think of me as a “strange woman.”  
Well, that certainly makes me feel better.  However, I feel like going to Pennie’s neighbor and introducing myself as “that strange woman who was taking pictures!”  LOL!

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