There Is Beauty Everywhere!

Beauty Everywhere is a song from the Latter-day Saint Children’s Songbook with words by Matilda Watts and music by Mildred Pettit.

1. Skies are fair above us;
Leaves are on the trees.
Flower buds are nodding,
Swayed by gentle breeze.
Loving hearts are happy
While we work and play.
God is in the heaven;
Joyous is our day.


In sky and land and river wide,
The work of God I see;
Oh, may my heart be full of thanks
For all he gives to me.
2. Birds are in the treetops;
Bees go humming by.
Songs of joy, ascending,
Echo in the sky.
Ev’rywhere is beauty;
Life is at its morn.
Praise to God we offer
For the new day born

I am so grateful to live in this beautiful world that has been created for each of us to enjoy.  I’m grateful that I can document everything with my camera and my blog.  I hope I never take things for granted because there are miracles everywhere, each and every day.

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