Elegant Wedding!


Saturday evening was the Kade and Taylor’s wedding reception.

It was a very cold and windy day. 

The wedding had been planned at a neighbor’s backyard and would have been spectacular.

The wedding reception was moved into a church cultural hall.

It was transformed into a beautiful, elegant wedding that was absolutely spectacular!

You wouldn’t really know that it was inside a gymnasium.  Every detail was thought out and executed to exactness.


As you entered the church there were displays that showcased beautiful photographs of the wedding couple that documented their love for each other.


Kade and Taylor make a stunning wedding couple.


The food was beautifully displayed and delicious as well.


A beautiful ice sculpture that was stunning.


They even had handmade crepes for the wedding guests.

The line was so long that we never had one but I was told that they were delish!


This is the menu board for the crepes.


There was a “cookie ladder” for the guests to choose from.

What a fun way to display cookies and yes I did indulge in the crème de menthe cookie sandwich.

It definitely took some of my weekly Weight Watcher points.

When you have not been eating very many sweets you will inevitably end up with a sugar headache.


That is the cookie that gave me the sweet headache. LOL!


This was the beautiful wedding cake.  I love the white on white flowers.


There were young girls walking around with trays of Haagen-Dazs ice cream bars.

This little boy was enjoying his treat so much that I had to snap a quick picture of him.

Immediately after I took the photo his Mom quickly wiped his “chocolate face” clean.

What a spoil-sport!


The salads were served in glass martini glasses with little glass spoons.

It was delicious!  This one was spinach and strawberry salad.


There was a water and lemonade station with different types of lemonade such as mint, mango and  raspberry.

The guest could help themselves and use the little bottles with the blue striped straws.

What a fun idea.  They also had a milk station to go with the cookies. Milk and cookies, get it?


There was a canopy set up in the middle of room with lights and white netting that housed some of the food choices.


There was a wall set up with family pictures.

The wedding guests could go behind the curtains and use props such as top hats, wedding veils and other gear to have their picture taken.

I’m not sure what Collin has on his head but he was making everyone laugh.


There was an instant polaroid camera that printed these tiny pictures and the wedding guests could pin them to this romantic looking display.


This is one of the photos taken from the family wall of pictures.

I believe I recognize the middle wedding couple.

What is your guess?


Do you see any similarities?

Steve and Lisa were just as stunning as the wedding couple and they seemed so happy.


There were handmade caramel popcorn and caramel marshmallows that were rolled in cinnamon sugar that was given has a wedding favor.

The saying on the packaging was a note thanking everyone who attended for their constant love and support.

The favors were displayed in an antique cupboard.


There were personal touches tucked in every corner of the room.



I love that Kade had his “beloved bike” displayed.


There were hanging glass vases with beautiful white flowers all along the path of the room.


There were beautifully wrapped wedding presents.


A bird cage entitled, “Love Birds,” housed the gift cards.


During the formal line part of the wedding a quartet of musicians played the violin for the perfect “mood music.”

After the formal line, there was a DJ who played more contemporary music to set the mood.

They had the couples’ first dance, the daddy-daughter dance, the mother-son dance, among others.

It was a beautiful reception and I am so happy for the Berenson’s and Taylor’s family.

I’m grateful that Kade and Taylor can start their own family and have been brought up by “goodly parents” that have set the highest standards of example for them.


Here is to, “Happily EVER AFTER!”

2 thoughts on “Elegant Wedding!

  1. Pam!!! This is simply such an amazing post. So glad you took so many photos of the night!! They are GREAT! I LOVE YOU and am so glad we met through this amazing hobby called scrapbooking!!!

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