Grandpa’s Hat!

Alec is hilarious!  He is constantly making all of us laugh because he is just so clever.Below are a few posts that Nichole has posted about him from Facebook.*Alec was screaming from the kitchen, “Help! Help!” I ran in to see what was going on. He was just spelling the word H-E-L-P with the fridge […]

OH HAPPY DAY!!! and CTR!!!

  Oh Happy Day is the type of song that makes you want to sing along.  It is one that keeps going through your mind over and over again. I really love the music that Jason Mraz sings.  It is insightful, melodic, and enjoyable. Here are the lyrics to Oh Happy Day. Oh happy day […]

Honeyville, Pasta Making!

Here is a video of Lisa Barker demonstrating how to make pasta.  She is demonstrating how you knead the pasta by hand.   I have been taking some classes at Honeyville Foods. I remember going there years ago to buy our wheat for our food storage. Now they have a retail store and they are […]

Spectacular Sunset!

Last Sunday was Father’s Day.  The Elton’s invited us to dinner.  We had a wonderful evening with the grandchildren and adults. We were driving home and we came around the bend and I saw the most amazing ball of fire blazing in the vivid orange sky. It was so breathtaking that I told Milt to, […]


Nichole told me about this movie called, Courageous. She said that at her church they had a special meeting to emphasize the importance of families and used some quotes from the movie. I decided that Milt and I would watch the movie.  The movie is definitely “cheesy” and the acting isn’t the best but the […]