Honeyville, Pasta Making!

Here is a video of Lisa Barker demonstrating how to make pasta.  She is demonstrating how you knead the pasta by hand.


I have been taking some classes at Honeyville Foods.

I remember going there years ago to buy our wheat for our food storage.

Now they have a retail store and they are focusing on using your food storage in everyday meals.

They have a wide variety of classes to fit everyone’s palette.

DSC_1464Lucero olive oils

One of my favorite classes that I have taken is learning to make homemade pasta.


You start with a small amount of flour, a little semolina flour and then add very fresh eggs and your flavorings as desired.


Lisa Barker is the store manager and she teaches many of the classes.

She really knows “her stuff” about all kinds of cooking, food storage, bread making, meals in a bag or jar, etc.

She just makes me tired because she is so busy and is involved in so many things.


Lisa even has her own chickens and brings the freshest eggs for the class demonstrations.


This pasta had some basil flavoring added.


A pasta machine is a must because you can not roll the dough thin enough without one.

It goes through the pasta maker on all of the settings until it is paper thin.


One of the reasons I started going to Honeyville was because of a recommendation of their fabulous olive oils and vinegars.

Our weight watcher leader told us about the store and after the first visit I was a huge advocate of the store.

I have even recruited at least three people to come to the classes with me.

Hey, I should get a referral fee!!! LOL!

After you decide if you want linguini or angel hair pasta you let it dry for about 20 minutes.


After the pasta is dry you roll it in semolina flour so it doesn’t stick together.


This particular class was on flavored pasta.  Lisa made delicious chocolate linguini.

She used some melted chocolate from the store and it was absolutely divine.

She served it with a homemade strawberry sauce and shelf stable whipping cream that is sold at the store.


Many of the classes are taught on Thursday.  I take care of Jade on Thursday.  She is a model student at the classes and is as quiet as can be.

Sometimes Julene Raynor brings her 4 year old, Kenna and Jade and Kenna have become fast friends.

Kenna brought her ponies and shared with Jade.


The girls play in the store in between classes.  The staff there is so friendly and accommodating.


Remington, one of the clerks has let Kenna and Jade play with the cash register and here they are playing “store!” 

They think they are “so awesome” as they play clerk and customer.

Kenna is the clerk and our cute Jade is the customer.


Jade is almost tall enough to see over the counter.  She just turned 4 years old a couple of weeks ago.

She is very petite like her mother, Andrea.  Jade weighs 27 pounds with her shoes and clothes on.

She is our own precious doll and I enjoy spending time with her.  She is a delight and I am so blessed to have her in my life.

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