Rhino Love!

There are 5 types of rhinoceroses.  
They are Sumatran, Javan, black, white and the greater one-horned.  
Javan rhinos and the greater one-horned only have a single horn.  
The other 3 rhino types have two horns.  
Rhinos have varying horn lengths because each rhino likes to sharpen their own horn in different ways.
Rhinoceroses get their name from their most famous feature: their horns. The word rhinoceros comes from the Greek rhino(nose) and ceros(horn).  Rhino horn has been used to treat illnesses, especially fevers for a very long time.  The rhino horn is made of keratin just like our fingernails and hair and does not have any healing powers.  Rhinos are endangered because poachers kill them for their horns.
At the Wild Safari Park we got to feed the rhinos.  We fed them cut up apple wedges.
At the Safari Park and Zoo rhinos are fed hay and high-fiber biscuits, along with carrots and apples.
All rhinos are herbivores, eating grasses or leaves, depending on the species


This is a greater one-horned rhino and they are found in northern India and southern Nepal.

We were told that we could pet the rhinos.
We couldn’t pet the giraffes but the rhinos were okay.
Go figure!

Do not be fooled by a rhino’s size.  A black rhino can run at 40 miles per hour!
A group of rhinos is called a “crash.”  What an accurate name because rhinos can certainly crash anything in its way.  Rhinos look like they are indestructible, however their skin is very sensitive, especially to sunburn and biting insects.  That is why rhinos love to wallow in mud pools.
All rhinos have large heads, broad chests, thick legs, poor eyesight, excellent hearing, and a fondness for rolling in mud.  Because they are very nearsighted, they often charge when they are startled.
Due to the fact that rhinos charge at little notice, they have been labeled as having a bad temper when in fact they are quite gentle.  All rhinos have three toes on each foot and they are called “three-toed ungulates.”  Ungulates are hooves which is like an enlarged toenail.
The greater one-horned rhino has a small prehensile lip. 
Prehensile means that something can be picked up just like we use our fingers.  
The rhino can pull leaves and fruit off trees with their lip.
They can also pick up thinkgs from the ground.
Many people describe the greater one-horn rhinos as having plates of armor. 
The plates are actually many layers of skin with multiple folds.
“I am ready for more apples, please!”
The rhino, Charlees, (pronounced like Charlize, her name is the Bengali language for Charlie) and her mother, Alta.
Here is Alta and baby Charlees lounging in a refreshing mud bath.  
They say it does wonders to soften your skin. LOL!
I think this a fitting “end” to a wonderful time at the Safari Park!

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