You Are My Sunshine!

These two girls literally make my heart sing when I look at them having fun together. Jade and Kaylin love doing things with each other and get along so well. I love this picture of the two of them sitting on the elephant at Hogle Zoo. One of the songs I sing to the grandchildren […]

Fasting and Prayers!

My amazing friend, Julie Pacini is going to have surgery this Tuesday at the University Hospital.  Below is a letter that the Relief Society President asked Julie to write so that her friends and neighbors might understand what has been happening in Julie’s life the past few years.  Fasting & Prayers Hi sisters, this is […]

I Can “Choose the Right!”

This past Sunday was the annual Primary Sacrament Presentation. The children did a fantastic job of singing with expression and emotion. They learned their speaking parts magnificently. Every year as the program approaches I tell the children that it is, “Crunch time.” I express to them it is time to get serious about the sacrament […]


Wednesday was our 37th wedding anniversary.  Milt had a commitment in the evening so we spent the afternoon together.  First we went to the movie, “Saints and Soldiers, Airborne Creed,” and then we went to a late lunch or early dinner at the City Creek Cheesecake Factory. I thought the movie was fair but interesting. […]