Early Vote!

I Am Thankful: *for my right to vote *to live in a democratic society *for our forefathers and their perseverance in fighting for freedom *those who have sacrificed for my freedom *for one nation under God *for freedom of religion We will be out of town for the upcoming election. I am most grateful that […]

Alec and the IPack!

It would be an understatement to say that Alec is obsessed with playing with the IPad, however he often calls it the IPack. In the following video Alec is playing one of his favorite puzzle games about different animals. Alec spells the word elephant so fast that you might miss it if you are not […]

1 and 13th and 65!

  I pledge allegiance to myself In quest of my weight loss goal. And the healthiness for which it stands One body– Under Control– Indisputably With confidence and new clothes for fall. Splurge versus Steal This is Cyndy East, she is my Weight Watcher leader on Saturday mornings. On October 13th, which was yesterday, I […]

Pumpkin Patch

Today I drove to Grantsville to take Kaylin to preschool because her parents had doctor’s appointments. After school we went to the pumpkin patch called Cook’s Patch in Grantsville. You can go in the fields and pick that perfect pumpkin. There was this old tractor in the field which made a perfect photo opportunity. Kaylin […]