Busy as a Bee

bee art

I am fascinated with bees.  I could stand and watch them for a very long time as they flit from flower to flower.

It is really hard to photograph bees because they are constantly moving.

I have always wondered where the term, “busy as a bee,”  originated.

I found the following information:


Very busy.


the squire's taleFrom Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, (the Squire’s Tale), 1386-1400:

Ey! Goddes mercy!” sayd our Hoste tho,
Now such a wyf I pray God keep me fro.
Lo, suche sleightes and subtilitees
In wommen be; for ay as busy as bees
Be thay us seely men for to desceyve,
And from a soth ever a lie thay weyve.
And by this Marchaundes tale it proveth wel.


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