Santa Parade at Grantsville!

This last Saturday, Craig and Nichelle invited Nichole and I to Grantsville for the Santa Claus Parade.

Jade was able to come also.  We arrived about 30 minutes before the parade so the kids had time to play on the grass.

It was a fairly warm day for November in Utah, it was about 50 degrees.

The sun was shining and the kids had a wonderful time playing before the parade.


Emmett who was born on September 1st has been walking for a little over a month.

The grass was uneven but he managed the ground fairly easily.

I love this picture of him running.  He is such an eater for a little guy.

He can eat an adult size quesadilla and 5 to 6 eggs in the morning.

We loving joke that he has a “Buddha Belly!” LOL!


Only when you are a child can you get the cute title of a “cute bum picture.”  LOL!

I love how Emmett’s legs are at a wide stance so he can keep his balance.


Here Emmett seems to be checking out the girls a little early, don’t you think!

He has on Alec’s old cow hat that he has outgrown.

Alec is a little jealous that Emmett can wear it now.


Alec, Jade and Kaylin had so much fun together.  They love each other and really enjoyed their “cousin time.”


As you can see Alec is sporting his new monkey hat and has to get close for the group hug.


There was lots of running time for the 3 cousins.


Every once in awhile Kaylin and Jade would stop for a breather and I could snap a quick candid picture of the two girls.


I love to capture starburst pictures.  They are challenging but oh so rewarding.

I love the starburst in this one and the suns’ reflection just as the sun was beginning to set.


The parade was very small and very homey.

I could help but laugh when I saw one of the Grantsville royalty riding her 4-wheeler with her dog and Christmas wreath.

It certainly warmed my heart to see that dog sitting there so proud to be in the Santa Claus Parade.


Alec, Emmett, Jade and Kaylin loved waving to Santa Claus as he rode in this antique fire truck.


Santa finally turned to face Jade and Kaylin and they were so happy.


Alec looked so cute in his monkey hat.  He hardly ever stops.

I remember how my Mom would nickname him, “The Roadrunner!”

He still lives up to that name.


Alec was trying his balance at a 3 foot cement wall.

Oh,  to live so dangerously! LOL!


Alec, Kaylin and Jade thought they were pretty cool to sit on the back of the fire truck.


We had a great time with our family!

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