Sad Day!!!

Our beloved Jefferson had to be put down this afternoon.
If you notice his front left foot you can see a growth on it.
He was diagnosed with bone cancer about a month ago and we were told he wouldn’t have much time.
We are thankful that he lasted this long.
He wasn’t eating very well the last few days and was really limping.
We gave him 3 different medications twice a day  to help control the pain.
Jefferson loved to play in the snow, especially with Kyle.
This picture brings me a lot of joy.  I love seeing the dogs playing  and viewing the snow flying up in the air.
This is very typical of Kyle and Jefferson “rough-housing” in the backyard anytime of the year.
Even today, Jefferson and Kyle played in the snow for a couple of minutes despite the chilly temperature of 32 degrees.
Jefferson would sleep many hours during the daytime because I think the medications made him extra sleepy.
Jefferson loved to lay in front of the heater in the family room.
Jade is giving him a big hug while she is holding her apple juice.
The heater fan would cycle on and off and all of our dogs loved to lay as close as they could to the heater especially on a cold day like today.
Ty and Jade are giving Jefferson “loves” before we take him to the vet.
It is so hard to lose a pet.  We have lost 3 Dobermans now.
Sativa and Goliath both were 6 years  old when they passed away.
Sativa actually jumped our fence in the back yard and we could not find her.
About 3 weeks after searching for her, she returned to our backyard.
It was a cold, snowy day and Nichole went into the backyard to retrieve a tool from the tool shed and she found Sativa frozen and lying on the snow.
It was very traumatic for our entire family.
Goliath got a cancerous growth on top of his head and died when he was only 6 years old.
We are very thankful that Jefferson lived longer than our other 2 Dobies.
Jefferson lived to be 9 years old and still had lots of spunk and energy.
I did some research on animals and heaven. 
Below is a little bit of what I found:
“Do animals
have spirits?
What happens
to them after
they die?
 Pet Loss , An LDS Perspective By Melanie Cooper
Recently I received an email from a pyschologist who was working on an article for those dealing with the death of their dog. I was asked to provide information regarding Latter-day Saint teachings about pet loss. Here are the questions I was asked along with the responses I offered.
What is your tradition’s beliefs or practices regarding…

  1. Animals (specifically dogs) having souls?
  2. The existence of an afterlife for humans and animals (dogs)?
  3. The reunification of owners and pets after death?

1. Animals (specifically dogs) having souls?
As far as I know we do not have any doctrines relating specifically to dogs but we do believe that all animals were created by our Father in Heaven and that they posses souls. Further we believe that animals existed as spirits, as did humans, before they came to earth. We call this period of time the pre-existence or premortal life.
In Moses 3:5 it states: For I, the Lord God, created all things, of which I have spoken, spiritually, before they were naturally upon the face of the earth.
And in the book ‘Sacred Truths of the Doctrine and Covenants’ we read: The spirits of animals are in the likeness of their bodies. The spirit is eternal and does not change. The spirit of an elephant looks like an elephant; the spirit of man looks like a man. This is true of all creatures under Heaven. Therefore, the body of the creature cannot change and evolve into something different and still look like its spirit. This principle is simply stated by the Lord that there might not be misunderstandings. Sacred Truths of the Doctrine and Covenants Vol. II, p. 38
2. The existence of an afterlife for humans and animals (dogs)?
We do believe in an afterlife for all mankind as well as animals. Animals will be resurrected and receive salvation automatically through the atonement of Christ. Here are a few bits of doctrine on this matter. They [animals] will be resurrected and placed in their appropriate places in Heaven. As the fall of Adam affected animals, (see Book of Mormon, 2 Nephi 2:22) so also through the atonement will the animals be heirs of salvation in their respective spheres. Sacred Truths of the Doctrine and Covenants Vol. II, p.38We also learn from this revelation and the word of the Lord in other revelations that in the eternities the animals and all living creatures shall be given knowledge, and enjoy happiness, each in its own sphere, in "their eternal felicity." These creatures will not then be the dumb creatures that we suppose them to be while in this mortal life. Sacred Truths of the Doctrine and Covenants Vol. II, p. 69The Prophet Joseph Smith stated the following in regards to those people who do not believe in the salvation of animals. In this quote he is referring to Revelations 5:13-14. Says one, "I cannot believe in the salvation of beasts." Any man who would tell you that this could not be, would tell you that the revelations are not true. John heard the words of the beasts giving glory to God, and understood them. God who made the beasts could understand every language spoken by them. The four beasts were four of the most noble animals that had filled the measure of their creation, and had been saved from other worlds, because they were perfect: they were like angels in their sphere. We are not told where they came from, and I do not know; but they were seen and heard by John praising and glorifying God. Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, p. 291
3. The reunification of owners and pets after death?
I do not recall any church doctrine regarding the reunion of pets and owners in the hereafter but it is my personal opinion that there will be a reunion and that the relationship between owner and pet will be made more perfect due to pure communication between man and animal. I base this opinion upon the following doctrine pertaining to the salvation of man.”

David and Kyle will really miss Jefferson.  Kyle is about 9 years old as well.
She is suffering from arthritis and a torn ligament in her back leg.
We don’t know how much longer Kyle has to live either.
David is now 12 years old and is slowing down as well.
Jefferson’s death wouldn’t be near as hard to take if the other 2 dogs were doing better.
Milt and Jefferson are going on one last, abbreviated walk while we are waiting for the vet to arrive.
It is so difficult to lose a beloved pet.  I know that Jefferson is in doggy heaven and is no longer suffering from his cancer.
We will miss you Jefferson and long for the day to meet you again, along with Sativa and Goliath.
We pray that Jefferson will play joyfully in heaven with Sativa and Goliath until we see all of you again and give you big hugs!

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