These flags were blowing in the breeze with the Top of the Rock Building looming overhead.


This is the largest Macy’s store in the United States, it is massive and has 8 floors and even includes a half floor which is known as level 1 and 1/2.


This is a beautiful statue that stands in the square next to the Macy’s department store.


This is another street scene from Times Square.

You might notice the blue and white neon New York Police Station sign to the far left.


This is the triangular building that is pictured on many New York postcards.

It has been nicknamed, The Flatiron Building but was really called The Fuller Building.

In 1902, it was one of the tallest buildings in the city.

It is named after the shape of land it was built on which looked like a clothes flat iron.


Our hotel was very near the garment district which serves as a home for the fashion world in the United States.

This huge button and needle is an iconic symbol of this part of Manhattan.


When Pennie and I got to New York, we made a list of some of the activities and sights that we wanted to do and see.We both agreed that we wanted to go to Pinkberry everyday if possible.  LOL! We almost made our goal.  We are huge fans of Pinkberry and since we don’t have the stores where we live, we have to take advantage of the stores availability when the town we visit has a store.Pinkberry had a new flavor which is now my new favorite.  It is salted caramel with caramelized almonds and pomegranate seeds.  Delish!!!


This is the Statue of Atlas.  He is a bronze statue in front of Rockefeller Center in midtown Manhattan. It is across from St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  The sculpture is of Atlas, an ancient Greek titan holding the heavens.
It is in the Art Deco style, as is the entire Rockefeller Center and the surrounding area.


This picture depicts some of the destruction that occurred as a result of the massive storm, Sandy.

We are at the Seaport Center where you catch the water taxis.

The entire area was damaged and is still boarded up.


This is the command center that is stationed at the Seaport area of  the city.


This is a photo of The Brooklyn Bridge as we go underneath it on our water taxi trip.


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