Children Rule and Becky Higgins Project Life Idea!

I used the pictures from the 100th birthday party to make 12 by 12 scrapbook pages using Becky Higgins Project Life ideas. This kit is called the Clementine Collection and focuses on recording and journaling everyday moments and events of ones life. The scrapbooker uses the same pattern configuration for many of the pages which […]

Seven “Little” Eagles Sitting in an Old Dead Tree!

The Farmington Bay Wetlands is buzzing with activity. This is the time of year when you can see the most diverse bird mania. The bald eagles are numerous and very busy. The wetland area will close in just a few days for breeding season. EAGLE’S NEST Come quickly with me lest the sun sinks into […]

A Very Elegant Bird

Ring-necked pheasant male and female on snowbanks. You can learn more about the beautiful, stately pheasant at the following link: The Ring-necked Pheasant was introduced into North America from Asia and is established over much of the continent, especially in agricultural lands. It is a distinctive and colorful species and is a popular game […]