Eagle Mania!

Yesterday, I picked up Alec and told him that we were going to see some birds today.

All of the grandchildren love going with me to see the birds.

They actually are very good at identifying the different birds.

We saw eagles, hawks, male and female pheasants, lots of seagulls, blue herons and many types of ducks.


This eagle was very close to us.  I watched him for more than 20 minutes before he flew away.

I love his coloring and the details of his feathers.  Eagles are such magnificent birds.


On the boat ramp, the BLM has dumped hundreds of dead carp that have been brought in from Utah Lake.

The carp provide a smorgasbord of carp for all of the bird species to enjoy.

These two eagles were fighting over a miniscule piece of the carp.

As I watched the two raptors interact I felt like I was watching a carefully choreographed ballet.


The eagle that was on the mound of grass that rose above the waterline had a partially eaten carp he was enjoying.

The eagle that was waiting on the edge of the snowbank decided that he had waited long enough and swooped down to steal the fish.

Even though there are many dead carp lying everywhere just a few feet away, this particular eagle had the “bully mentality,” that needed to be acted upon.

Sadly, there are always a few bullies in all walks of life even in the bird world.


You can tell in this photo that the remnant of the carp was dropped as the two eagles engaged in “battle.”

DSC_2548web eagles fighting a

The banter between the two eagles continues even though the tasty fish has long been dropped.

DSC_2549 web eagles flying

I loved watching all of this eagle commotion transpire within a time-frame of just a couple of minutes.

DSC_2557web eagles

DSC_2551web eagles flight

DSC_2554web eagles trading places

DSC_2555web eagles

DSC_2556web eagles

DSC_2557web eagles

The two eagles actually traded places in the battle that began as a food fight but ended in a fight for the sake of fighting.

It is hard to tell which eagle won the battle.  Perhaps, they both lost because neither one ended up with the carp.

web-panoramic-frame a

This is a panoramic frame that I designed to look like the ever-popular chalkboard art trend.

I love to watch the eagles.  I can spend several hours just watching them do what they do naturally.

I feel very blessed to be able to view nature at its very best.

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