100 Years!

The church that we attend just celebrated its 100th birthday last Wednesday.

The original building was located at 9th Avenue and D Street.

When the ward or church congregation was organized there was no building in which to meet.

The meetings were held on the back lawn of the LDS Hospital or in the basement of the LDS Hospital Nurses’ home.

The groundbreaking for the building was held on December 7, 1913.

The cornerstone of the building was laid by President Joseph F. Smith.

Here are a few photos from the evenings festivities:


It was an evening of delicious food that was filled with fond memories of the past.

The food was cooked by Seigfreids, a local German delicatessen and consisted of pork loin roast with seasoned red potatoes and mixed vegetables.

The ward members made a variety of salads both savory and sweet to complete the dinner.

The members also contributed cupcakes for dessert.


The children had their own tables if they wanted to sit on their own.

Crayons, activities and stickers were provided for the children to entertain themselves.

The children had their own food which consisted of pizza, chicken nuggets, cucumbers, celery, and carrots with ranch dipping sauce, jello jigglers and clementine oranges.

Everyone had a wonderful time.

The party was attended by approximately 350 present and past members of the ward.


There were 8 bishops or leaders of a congregation that gathered and serenaded us with song.

We have had 17 bishops of the ward from 1913-2013.  They are as follows:

David R. Lyon

Waldo Andersen

George C. Young

Axel A. Madsen

Walter J. Eldredge

Eugene W. Sloan

Gordon T. Hyde

D. Edward Judd

A. Owen Smoot

Briant G. Smith

Dennis Walker

Darrell L. Deem

Briant J. Smith

J. Roger Bohman

Eugene O. Sloan

Kline P. Barney Jr.

James Freeman is our current bishop

If you look carefully you will notice 2 father and sons were bishops; Briant G. Smith and Briant J. Smith, Eugene W. Sloan and Eugene O. Sloan.

Here are some more pictures from the evening:


Most of our family was able to come to the party.  Ty, Marisa, Jade and Maya

Patrick, Nichole, Alec and Emmett


Milt and me

Dan and Lana, Milt’s sister


Dan, Milt and Emmett


The favorite item of the evening were the noisemakers, at least it was the favorite item of the children not necessarily the parents. LOL!

This picture highlights Alec showing off his noisemaker skills.


This was Maya’s first public outing since she was born on January 13th.

She is so cute.  I love her little cheeks which are getting quite chunky.

DSC_9822web Maya Marisa

Maya and Marisa


Maya loves her binky.


Maya was ready to go home now.


Here are some of the cupcakes and they were Emmett’s favorite food.



Emmett ate 3 cupcakes by himself.

He was shoving the cake into his mouth so quickly that this picture shows his speedy hands which makes for a somewhat blurry picture.

I love his passion for food. LOL!


Emmett even got cupcake in his eyes.  It is hard work to eat a cupcake and not get it everywhere. LOL!


Kaylin and Jade are “bestest” friends!


Kaylie, Jade, Kaylin and Brinley.

One of the display tables had colorful polished pebbles and the girls gathered them up on a plate for me.


There were 4 photographers recording the evening, Julie Pacini, Alan Yorgasen, Kent Miles and myself.

It was a wonderful evening of celebration.  There were so many people who contributed to the event to make it one historic evening.

Happy 100th Birthday to the Ensign 1st Ward and I wonder what the next 100 years will bring.

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