The Tundra Swan, Not An Ugly Duckling!


The Tundra Swan is so breathtakingly beautiful.

My husband and I sat for more than 30 minutes watching these mesmerizing birds.










The following information was taken from:

Cool Facts

  • The whistling swan, the American race of the Tundra Swan, currently is considered the same species as the Eurasian race, the Bewick’s swan. They were considered separate species in the past, distinguished by the large yellow patches on the face of the Bewick’s swan.
  • During the breeding season the Tundra Swan sleeps almost entirely on land, but in the winter it sleeps more often on water.
  • Swan nests on the tundra are vulnerable to a host of predators, such as foxes, weasels, jaegers, and gulls. If the parents are present, they are able to defend the nest and nestlings from these threats. Wolves, people, and bears, however, are too big to fight, and most incubating swans leave their nests while these large predators are far away. By leaving quickly when large predators approach, the parents may make the nest harder to find.
  • The Tundra Swan stays in flocks except when on a breeding territory. Although most swans spread out to breed, a large proportion of the population on the breeding grounds still can be found in flocks. These swans are not breeding, and may be young birds that have not yet bred, adult pairs whose breeding attempts failed, or adults that bred in the past but for some reason do not in that year.
  • Measurements
    Both Sexes
    47.2–57.9 in
    120–147 cm
    66.1 in
    168 cm
    134–370.4 oz
    3800–10500 g
    Other Names
    • Whistling Swan (English)
    • Cygne siffleur (French)
    • Cisne chiflador (Spanish)

    The wetlands area will close tomorrow until September 15th for breeding season.

    I am so glad that we were able to see these beautiful swans so close on Wednesday.

    I have never seen so many and so close.

    I love the elegant swan.  It was so fun to see them on the frozen lakes and in the small streams that had melted.

    It was a wonderful and memorable experience one that I will not soon forget.

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