Cousin Love!


Kaylin and Jade are the “bestest” friends and the “bestest” cousins.

(This is Kaylin and Jade talk—-“bestest.”)  LOL!

Whenever I pick up Jade the first words out of her mouth are, “Where is Kaylin?”

They love to spend time together and can entertain themselves wherever we are.

A couple of weeks ago we went to the dollar movies and then on a little shopping excursion.

Our first stop was Nordstrom Rack and they had so much fun trying on shoes.


As soon as we entered the shoe area both of their shoes flew off  and the high heels became the newest accessory for both girls.


Jade loved these studded gold high heels.

You can see her very cute pink cowboy boots discarded on the floor.


Both girls are major posers when it comes to the modeling department.

They have the hip action and the hand on hip technique down perfectly.

However, they both need to work on those facial expressions. LOL!


The girls had so much fun modeling their “temporary new” shoes.

They didn’t want to leave but I told them that we were going to the craft store.

It took some persuasion techniques on my part but they agreed to leave for the next adventure.


At the craft store the girls found these ridiculously huge eyeglasses.

I love the joy on both of the girls faces.

I love spending time with these 2 precious girls.

It was perfect “girl time” day for all three of us!

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