Tundra Swan Visits Utah


I was browsing the internet on ABC4.com and came across an article called, Tundra Swan visits Utah.

Here is the article that I found:  http://www.abc4.com/content/news/state/story/Tundra-Swan-visits-Utah/m6hHX8BL8ECWoKbGKw08Zw.cspx

“HOOPER, Utah (ABC 4 News) – A very elegant visitor is in Utah right now, but they will only be here for another two weeks. The Tundra Swan is resting right now in the marshes of the Great Salt Lake.

The birds spend most of their lives in Alaska and Canada but every winter they go to California. And at the first sign of spring, they head home taking a rest stop in Utah.

Phil Douglas from DNR said, “They will feed and sleep and the ultimate preparation for the big marathon ahead of them.”

The birds are impressive, with a very distinct sound and they are very large.

The Tundra Swan has a wing span of over eight feet.

But the bird is rarely seen, except right now during the Tundra Swan’s short stay in Utah’s northern wetlands.”


So, I thought I would post some more photos that I took the last week before the wetlands closed for breeding season.

As we traveled to the end of the wetlands, my husband and I were shocked to see so many swans on the frozen ice and floating on small streams that had recently melted.

It was definitely an intriguing and beautiful sight.


These beautiful swans are so very elegant as they glide effortlessly along their way.


These 2 swans were floating along and began to interact with each other.


The one swan began to nudge and even bite at the other swan.


The swan that was being attacked quickly got out of the water and began to walk away.


I don’t know if they were jealous of each other or if they were showing affection but the one swan quickly left the scene and did not return.


It is very difficult to photograph these elegant white swans as they are in flight because there is not much contrast between the sky color and the color of the swans.


It is a rare and a beautiful sight to see swans flying overhead, especially since the swans are only here for a couple of weeks.


We saw 4 swans flying overhead and I was able to photograph them as they came in for a landing.


I love this photograph because it is not very common to see the swans in flight and then landing.

I especially love their dark feet being lowered as they are about to land.

We loved spending the afternoon enjoying these beautiful birds that are only in Utah for a couple of weeks.

It was a one in a lifetime experience that we will not soon forget.

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