Sleeping Angels!


There is nothing more angelic in my mind as a child sleeping.

The emotions in my heart swell and I have to stop and stare to capture this precious feeling.

Last week Jade had played so hard that she fell asleep in the car and even more miraculous was the fact that she stayed asleep when I transferred her to the grocery cart.

Most 4 year old children believe that a nap is not a necessity in everyday life.

3 and 4 year old children will fight a parent and refuse to take a nap even though we need them to take a nap to maintain our own sanity. LOL!


As I was walking through the aisles of Costco, I overheard a boy who was about 7 years old ask his mother if that was a baby or a girl sleeping in the cart.

I had to laugh, I guess he thought only babies were allowed to sleep in public.  LOL!


When I see a young baby sleeping it always reminds me of the iconic art pieces by Bessie Pease Gutmann.


I feel so much peace when I see an angelic baby sleeping.



This picture of Maya reminds me of the following prints by Bessie Pease Gutmann.


sweet dreams bessie pease Gutmann


Below is a beautiful poem about a child sleeping and what they might be thinking:

Sleeping Child

Often I sit here and watch you sleep,
Always trying to figure out the
Secrets that you keep.Do you wonder why the sky is blue?
And do you wonder what it means
When I say, “I love you?”What are you dreaming with your
Eyes shut so tight?
And if it scares you, Can I
Make it right?Can you understand the
Love that I feel?
And will you always know
What I feel is real?This is what I wonder when I
See you fast asleep,
Always trying to figure out
The secrets that you keep.
     —–Author: Unknown
In this picture you can see the velvety skin of our sweet baby Maya and the many years that have aged the skin on my hand.
What a contrast???
I am thankful for the glimpse of heaven that I am able to capture in the faces of our adorable grandchildren.
Any day that brings one closer to heaven makes for a very good day!
Thank you Jade and Maya.

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