Panhandling Promotes…On My Soapbox!

This is my opinion and my blog so once in awhile I have to get on top of my soap box and say exactly what I think. Everywhere I go in almost any city, I see panhandlers on many street corners, freeway entrances and exits, restaurant doorways, store entrances, etc…… asking for money because they […]

Happiest Place!!!

The California Adventure grounds have spectacular fruit trees and flower gardens. It is so fun to enjoy the beautiful landscape as well as the warm weather. Goofy loves to do what he does best……be “goofy.” In this picture it looks like he is shaking hands with the lamppost. How GOOFY! Alec was having a hard […]


We have been in California since last week. Nichole, Patrick, Alec, Emmett, Milt and myself have been enjoying the beautiful weather and the equally beautiful sights of Disneyland and San Diego. Every time we go to Disneyland we do different things. This time we only stood in line to meet a few characters: ¬†Eeyore, Jessie […]