We have been in California since last week.
Nichole, Patrick, Alec, Emmett, Milt and myself have been enjoying the beautiful weather and the equally beautiful sights of Disneyland and San Diego.


Every time we go to Disneyland we do different things.

This time we only stood in line to meet a few characters:  Eeyore, Jessie and Woody and Winnie the Pooh.

The following is a small description of the character Eeyore:

“…..Eeyore, a very gloomy, blue-gray donkey, is stuffed with sawdust. His appearance is highlighted by a small light pink bow on his tail; this reflects well on this animal when there is an occasional hint of joy that surfaces in Eeyore…..”

DSC_3107Winnie Family

The Winnie the Pooh ride is Alec’s favorite ride on this trip.


Now that Alec is 40 inches tall he can go on all the “big rides.”

Some of them are still a little scary for him.

This is the Splash Mountain ride, Alec was so brave he even went

on it and got really wet.  He wasn’t too sure of all that water all over his clothes.

It is definitely not my favorite ride!!!

IMG_8803splash mountain photo

You can see from my expression that I can’t stand the ride but I had to brave for Alec.

The long drop scares me so much that I had to close my eyes the entire time.  LOL!


The Jungle Cruise is Emmett’s and Alec’s favorite ride.

Yes, I said that is Alec’s favorite ride!

If you ask him about his favorite rides he will tell you that they are Winnie the Pooh, Monster’s Inc, Peter Pan, The Jungle Cruise and more.  I love a kid that is so decisive! LOL!


This is the door to Monster Inc.

I think we went on it about 6 times and the boys absolutely love this ride.

DSC_2698Sully Boo

Sulley, Mike Wazowski and Boo from the Monster Inc. ride.

There is going to be a new movie coming out this summer called, Monsters University.

I’m sure it will be on the boys lists of movies to see this summer season.

IMG_8854 boys mickey suckers

Here the boys are eating their color coordinated Mickey Mouse suckers.  LOL!

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