IMG_8806.Walt Mickey

The flower beds at Disneyland are so beautiful.

They make me happy just looking at them.

While everyone else is racing to the rides I am stopping to take lots of pictures of the array of floral colors that delight my soul and make my heart sing.

IMG_9247hibiscus thorny tree

I love this stunning hibiscus bloom and the tree trunk that is behind it in the background with its thorny texture.  The flower and thorns are such contrasting marvels of nature.  The flower is so colorful and delicate and the thorns are jagged and teeth-like but both are intriguing to look at and photograph.

IMG_9243.Main Street

Nichole broke her leg in November and has been waiting for the ligaments to heal.

Unfortunately, a recent MRI has revealed 2 ligaments that are still torn and some bone damage.  When we get back from our trip we will learn her surgery date.  She wore her boot for extra support and to ease her pain level.


One area of California Adventure is called Bug’s Land.

This is an area that is geared to the younger children and they love it.


Nichole, Emmet, Patrick, Alec and myself went in one “container.”

The ride spins around and goes up and down somewhat like a carousel ride.

It was cloudy and rainy the day we rode it but the weather didn’t dampen our spirits even though the parade was canceled due to the downpour.


The sky was gray and overcast and The Tower of Terror Ride looms in the distance which fit the gloomy feeling for the day.

DSC_2856tower of terror

The Tower of Terror is visible in this photograph as the ride rose to its highest elevation.


I love the expression on Alec’s face as we are going higher and higher.

If all of us could enjoy the little things in life through the eyes of a child the world would definitely be a happier place.

IMG_9295Emmett naptime

A fitting end to the day was Emmett snuggled in the stroller exhausted from a long, wet day at “the happiest place on earth.”

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