Happiest Place!!!

IMG_8960orange trees

The California Adventure grounds have spectacular fruit trees and flower gardens.

It is so fun to enjoy the beautiful landscape as well as the warm weather.


Goofy loves to do what he does best……be “goofy.”

In this picture it looks like he is shaking hands with the lamppost. How GOOFY!


Alec was having a hard day and the workers at the Plaza Inn were so accommodating to us.

Alec has been diagnosed with autism and it is hard for him when things don’t go as planned or in a specific order.

Sydney, who was a cashier told Alec that if he would obey his mother and grandmother she would get him a special balloon.

Alec hopped up from laying in the middle of the floor and agreed that he would obey.

When Sydney went to get the balloon, the “balloon stash” was empty.

So, she brought Alec a special piece of birthday cake that had a “Celebrate” flag and a compass.

I am so impressed with the workers at Disneyland.  They really do love their jobs and strive to be kind and supportive to everyone.

Thanks Sydney for making Alec’s day one of his happiest days ever!


Alec and Emmett both love the sea creature carousel at California Adventure.


Nichole is riding the seahorse with her Ju-Ju-Be diaper bag.

Nichole is obsessed with Ju-Ju-Be! LOL!

Alec choose the whale and Emmett choose the sea otter.

We rode the carousel 4 times in a row with new animals each time. LOL!


Patrick and Milt love to get a smoked turkey leg at the park and Emmett and Alec enjoy this treat as well.


Alec loves the turkey leg as well.


There was a beautiful pink and purple sunset as we were leaving the park.

Of course, I had to stop and take a picture of our world’s constant “ordinary miracles!”

We had so much fun at the Disney Parks in California.

Then we drove to San Diego for another fun adventure at the beach and pool.

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