Television Debut for 2 Cutie Cousins!

DSC_5367 copy.Jade Kaylin Hogle zoo news

Jade, Kaylin and Jim Kosek from ABC 4 Weather.

Don’t the girls look like movie stars with their pretty dresses and stylin’ sunglasses? LOL!

ABC 4, KTVX television, spent several hours at Hogle Zoo broadcasting live last week.

Jade and Kaylin both graduated from preschool and we spent the day celebrating.

We went to school programs in the morning, ate lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and then we went to Hogle Zoo for the afternoon.

DSC_5386.high 5 Jim abc 4 weather

After the girls were on television, I told them they needed to thank Jim for letting them be on TV.

In a show of gratitude Jim and the girls did a “high five” instead of a handshake like us older folks might do.  LOL!

DSC_5324Kaylin Jade polar bear lego

One of the reasons that channel 4 was at the zoo was to showcase the Lego exhibit.

There are about 15 displays of different zoo animals that have been recreated in life size models.

You can tell how large the polar bear is compared to the girls.

The artist who created these art masterpieces left a full time profession to become a full time Lego artist.

DSC_5330Jade Kaylin legos

The zoo has larger than life Lego blocks that the children can manipulate and create shapes.

Kaylin and Jade decided to build towers.

DSC_5343weather man girls background

The girls were in three of the weather segments in the background and foreground.

However, the beginning photo documents the television package that featured the girls being interviewed by Jim Kosek.


I bought a dolphin bubble gun that lights up for the girls to play with.

They loved engaging in bubble time play.

DSC_5414 copy.bubbles

I actually had to tell them to stop before all of our bubbles ran out.  LOL!


The girls are the best of friends and have so much fun together.

It is so fun to be around them because they truly make me feel happy.

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