There are beautiful lakes hidden from the highway often covered with the common yellow water lily pads. The common yellow lily. “The water-lily is a common plant of still or slow-moving water and grows in ponds, lakes, canals and ditches. It has large ‘lily pad’ leaves up to 40cm across, and grows in water up […]


Here is the entrance fees sign as you enter the national parks. The beautiful Grand Tetons Mountain Range with a beautiful reflection. This sign explains the ever-changing landscape at Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces. This picture is from the north part of Yellowstone and is part of the stunning Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces. This is the […]

The Great Outdoors from Jackson to Yellowstone Park……..

We went on our annual trek to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and into the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks. We usually invite family or friends to come with us. This year we invited our dear friends, Craig, Julie and Chelsea. We had a wonderful time together.  Julie and I were in camera heaven! We got […]