_DSC0829 copy.wildflowers

The park was in full bloom with a variety of wildflowers.  This flower is called the cushion buckwheat or Eriogonum ovalifolium.

I love the delicate colors of cream and a variety of pink shade of the cushion buckwheat.

_DSC0968.common snowberry

I took a tremendous amount of photos of the wildflowers; below are just of few of my favorites.

If you look very closely at the Common Snowberry you can see a spider web encompassing the brilliant leaves of this very delicate flower.

_DSC0816.limestone hawksbeard


_DSC0874.Jackson Lake lodge view

This photo was taken from the sundeck of the Jackson Lake Lodge.

It is a breathtaking view that often includes some moose grazing on the willows below.

Unfortunately, the day we were there, we couldn’t spot any wildlife with the exception of some small ground squirrels.

_DSC1704.bird with border

There were many osprey nests scattered along our way from Salt Lake to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

This osprey leisurely soared above us in his quest for food on an exceptionally hot summer day.

I am still mesmerized by the ease of flight that each and every raptor displays.

Oh, to be a bird in flight, what wonderful things I would see!

DSC_9462.mammoth bird

This photo is from one of calcified formations from the ever-changing landscape of Mammoth.

A bird is resting in an old dead tree that was burned from the hot chemicals in the park.


As we were driving to the next area of the park, we came across 2 stately bull elk eating these picturesque and colorful wildflowers.

The elk were about 3 feet from the road and they caused quite the traffic jam which included some very “crazy” amateur photographers.  I am always amazed at the people who do not heed the park rangers’ warning; do not approach the wildlife because they are indeed wild animals.  I was not willing to join the others, however I still got a few great shots from a safe distance.

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