There are beautiful lakes hidden from the highway often covered with the common yellow water lily pads.


The common yellow lily.

“The water-lily is a common plant of still or slow-moving water and grows in ponds, lakes, canals and ditches.

It has large ‘lily pad’ leaves up to 40cm across, and grows in water up to 3 metres deep, with the leaves floating on the surface.

It flowers during the summer from June to September, and smells like the dregs of wine, hence other common names like ‘Brandy Bottle.'”


IMG_0299Milt taking a picture of me

Julie and I were wading in the stream to get pictures of the dragonflies.

Milt was protecting my “big camera” from my tendency to fall in water and on slippery surfaces.

(Basically, I am a klutz!)

As we were taking pictures of our surroundings, Milt was taking pictures of us.

So I decided to take a few photos with my “small camera” and took a few shots of my fellow photographers.

IMG_0294Julie taking pictures of her feet

Julie is in full “photographer mode” and she doesn’t even know that I am taking pictures of her. LOL!

IMG_0307dragonfly Julie's leg

A dragonfly landed on the back of Julie’s leg.  She didn’t even feel it until I pointed it out.

DSC_0389Julie and me in water

Here is a photo of Julie and me as we are wading in the stream being taken by Milt.

DSC_0037dragonfly lily pads

This is a blue-eyed darner dragonfly or damselfly hovering over the lily pads.

They are a large insect with bodies up to 2 inches long and a wingspan of 4 inches.

The males have some silver on their bodies.

The wings are transparent.

_DSC0850view from dining room JLL
This is the spectacular view that we enjoyed as we ate lunch at Jackson Lake Lodge.

_DSC0691Chelse Milt JJL

No meal is complete unless Chelsea has her crayons and paper.  The Jackson Lodge had this cute wooden bear crayon holder.


Our trip was filled with fabulous food perfectly presented to us. This is a pear salad with spring greens, feta cheese and watermelon radishes.  It was delish!

IMG_0333prime rib

The main course this evening was juicy prime rib with garlic mashed potatoes.  Grilled asparagus, crispy onions and au jus sauce completed the plate.

The meal concluded with mint-chocolate shaped buffalo.

IMG_0335chocolate buffalo

DSC_0099Milt looking out

Milt is gazing out at the ever changing landscape of the park and of course waiting for me to finish taking pictures.

He is very patient!

DSC_0128Chelsea sitting

Chelsea will sit down most anywhere as she waits for us to finish taking pictures.

It was an extremely hot day and Chelsea decided to sit on one of the steps along the path.

When she got up, she had mud all over the back of her pants.

DSC_0164Chelsea Craig Milt

Chelsea is so cute and we love her!  I love this picture of Chelsea, Milt and Craig patiently waiting as Julie and I continue on our picture-taking marathon. LOL!

_DSC1531.bear in water

This bear is cooling off from the near 100 degrees temperatures that we encountered.  We stopped at Yellowstone Bear World in Rexburg, Idaho on the way home.  We saw very little wildlife in the National Parks so we desperately needed to get some “token bear” pictures. LOL!


This formation is called Palette Springs at Mammoth.

“Yellowstone contains approximately one-half of the world’s hydrothermal features.

There are over 10,000 hydrothermal features, including over 300 geysers, in the park.”



There are many beautiful wildflowers, butterflies and all types of insects throughout the beautiful landscape of the great outdoors.  The mountains are majestic and certainly picture worthy subjects.  I love to look at and document the small beauties that are quite often overlooked.


There were so many beautiful wildflowers dotting the landscape.

IMG_0103.mormon row flowers

At every man-made park site such as Jackson Lake Lodge, Mammoth, Old Faithful, etc. are beautiful planted containers that rival the natural beauty of the wildflowers.


As we were eating dinner we noticed this brilliant golden full moon gleaming through the huge picturesque windows of the restaurant in the park.  Of course, Julie and I had to leave the table to photograph this uncommon sight.

It was breathtaking!

It was low in the sky and so bright.

IMG_0327tetons at sunset

This is the beautiful night sky overlooking the willows outside of Jackson Lodge.

_DSC0699 copy.sunset Jackson Lake lodge

This is a beautiful sunset overlooking the willow area at the Jackson Lake Lodge. Lonely trees silhouette the hillside as the sun sets on one more day in God’s country.

Our trip consisted of delicious food, thousands of photos, two difficult puzzles that were finished in 2 days, walking around town, fishing, shopping for souvenirs, lots of laughter, fantastic company and 5 people who are deeply grateful that we able to spend one week at one of the most beautiful places on earth.

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