Manning Peaches, a 40 Plus Year Tradition!

I have been going to the Manning Orchards for more than 40 years.

The Manning Orchards are located at:

107 North Mountain Road

Kaysville, UT  84037


My husband’s family has been driving down from the Idaho Falls, ID area for more than 40 years to the Manning Orchards.

The “old school” consumer would can or bottle the peaches.  However, the patrons of today, now resort to eating the peaches fresh or freezing them.

Scott told me that the peach business is down due to changes in today’s consumer.

The Manning family business has been selling cherries and peaches for more than 120 years.

The older generations have passed away and Scott and Debbie Manning are carrying on their heritage by selling the most delicious produce.

(No, I was not compensated in any way by the Manning family.  I just wanted to express my opinion on one of our family’s favorite August traditions.)


Scott was very kind and let me take pictures of the orchard.

I had a wonderful time learning more about their family business.


I spoke to Felipe and the other workers in the orchard.

It is hard work picking the produce for the Mannings, especially in our record setting heat this summer here in Utah.

The workers were very gracious and I enjoyed talking to them.


Can you believe the size of this premium peach that Felipe is holding in his hand?


The peaches are picked ready to eat that day.

If you want to keep them for 7-10 days, you should let them set out at room temperature overnight.

The juices will flavor the peaches and then you should refrigerate them to retain maximum freshness.


The workers climb on ladders to pick the peaches.

They begin at 6 in the morning and harvest throughout the hot afternoons.


Even the family dogs enjoy eating a delicious peach now and again.


This is an old Chevrolet that has been adapted to transport the peaches from the bottom of the orchard to the top of the hill.


Here is a view from the top of the orchard.  The trees continue down the hill to the old highway 89.


Bees are a necessary element to properly pollinate the peach trees.

There were bees everywhere, even on the ground of the orchard floor.

(Free food for the bees!)


There are many beehives in the orchard.


This is a beehive that is meant to attract native bees to the orchard.


The day I went the peach variety that was ripe was the Glo-Haven variety.

They are yummy!


As I was walking back from the orchards this is the view as you come up the hill.


This is Debbie and Scott Manning who now run the orchard.

Debbie has “buff” arms from lifting the many boxes of peaches.

That is one way to tone your arms!


This sign celebrates more than a hundred years of fresh produce from the Manning Orchards.


Here are the boxes of peaches ready for the customers.


It was a great day at the orchard.  There is nothing like a delicious peach to remind you of a true treasure from Mother Earth.

I am grateful that we still have some orchards left and that families are willing to carry on their traditions.

Here is to another 40 years of one of our favorite August family traditions!

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