Glacier National Park, Montana and Canada!

We arrived at Glacier National Park, in Montana on September 24, 2013.

A beautiful rushing stream with clear blue water inside Glacier National Park

This raging stream is pounding the rocks as it heads downstream.

The beautiful crystal water manifested colors of sapphire, teal, turquoise and ultramarine.

The turbulent waters blustered downstream polishing a smooth circular hole in the rocks below.

_DSC6760 copy.trees against rocks

Our accent to the top of Logan Pass was filled with abundant verdant foliage.

It rained all day long and was even snowing as we approached the higher altitudes.

The delicate and feather-like ferns and velvety moss were definitely worthy of a stop to take a photo.

_DSC6755.moss on rocks

Everywhere we looked, the color green painted each rock, stone, slab, tree, timber, trunk, log, seed, etc.

A forest tree growing a fungus called bracket or shelf fungus

A forest tree growing a fungus called bracket or shelf fungus

I was fascinated by the growths which we noticed on some of the trees.

I found an interesting article about the fungus at the following link:

_DSC6852road to top

The road to the top of Logan Peak was very narrow, crooked, steep and scary!

It was hardly wide enough for 1 car, let alone two or a truck as we ascended to the top._DSC6827 drive up mountain leaves clouds rain

The drive to the top included beautiful colors of fall foliage, constant rain, low-hanging clouds covering the mountain peaks, slippery, wet roads and it became quite an adventure to reach the summit.

In this photo you can see the raindrops on my passenger window.  Occasionally, I would roll my window down for a quick photo from our car but the weather kept getting colder and more wet.

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