Travel’n On…….and a Birthday Wish to My Sweet Hubby!

Today is my husband’s birthday.  (This post was written on the 6th which is Milt’s birthday but it didn’t post until the 7th.)

We planned this vacation to celebrate his birthday.

We have traveled to places we haven’t been before and are thoroughly enjoying ourselves.

._DSC1547Milt in line red fish blue fish

Milt was able to have one of his favorite meals which is authentic fish and chips.

He lived in England for a couple of years and is a connoisseur of the English staple.

Milt served a Latter-day Saints Mission in Northern England.

He had it for lunch almost every day for the entire 2 years.

_DSC1573Milt fish chips

It was a beautiful setting located on the inner harbor at Victoria.

It didn’t rain one single drop yesterday.

_DSC1575fish chips

He had cod fish and chips for lunch and salmon fish and chips for dinner.

It was at a small wharf location called Red Fish, Blue Fish.

The restaurant, which I will say is a loose term, is made out of a freight container.

There was always a line of locals in the queue.

Anyway, Milt absolutely thought it was delicious and one of the best he has ever had.

This is one of the antique cars that is driven around  Glacier National Park for those who do not want to tackle the winding roads themselves.

_DSC6869 copy.peak enshrouded in clouds

We finally reached the top of Logan Pass and it was very wet and cold.

It was so cloudy and damp that it began to cover the ground with a very wet snow.

_DSC8102dark clouds over mountain peaks

The mountain views with the vivd green forests, saffron colored leaves and the looming clouds were awe-inspiring.

_DSC6871  Western Mountain Ash orange berries

This is a tangerine colored berry called Western Mountain Ash that was blooming at the park.

_DSC7535Waterton Canada

This was a tranquil scene in the Waterton National Park.

_DSC7546Waterton hotel

This is the iconic Prince of Wales Hotel built in 1927 that sits high on a bluff overlooking the Waterton Village.

_DSC7853 copy.mama bear 2 cubs

We were fortunate enough to finally spot some wildlife.

This mother and her 2 cubs were grazing on the mountain side despite the rapid snowfall.

_DSC7815Waterton Canada mama bear 2 cubs snow

The black bear family was busily gorging themselves for a quiet winter’s nap.

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